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M Martin Computer Services
Serving the St Thomas and London Area.

Call 226-781-0714 for assistance   or Cell 519-719-7982
We are currently researching a variety of available options. We have installed some and ordered other devices to test their quality, reliability and ease of use.

Still working with streaming television over the internet!
Have found and installed a service that offers over 500 channels for $5.00 US a month.

We find it a little clumsy as well as the occasional freezing forcing a reboot of the android box.

Do you have questions about Internet Protocol TeleVision (IPTV)?

You may be able to combine telephone and television services over the internet for substancial savings!

If you have high speed unlimited internet available, we can help you save money!

Our views on internet thingy’s

1.       Keep your internet service provider separate from your email and phone service.  This allows you to change any one of them without affecting the others.

2.       The best option for email in a free web based service like outlook, gmail, yahoo, hotmail or mail.com.  You can check your email from any computer and since your emails are stored on their servers, you will not lose them if your computer or hard drive fails.

3.       Most people want to keep their current phone number when switching to a different phone system.  Make sure you can keep (port) your number and whether there is an extra charge for porting it.


A.      Look for the internet service provider with highest speed in MegaBits Per Second (Mbps), with unlimited bandwidth that is reliable for the price you are happy with.

B.      Sign up for a free web based email service.

C.      Check out the Ooma phone system at http://ooma.com

D.      Select the way you want to receive your television programing taking into account ease of use, cost, quality and content.


Depending on your current situation and your choices now you could be saving up to $100 per month!

Check back often to see our progress.

Feel free to contact us with your questions or needs at:
Phone: 226-781-0714 or Cell 519-719-7982
Email: compute102@gmail.com

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